Rene Michael Plambek

Hello, my name is René - Rene Michael Plambek...

My Curriculum Vitae (CV) can be seen by clicking on the link. You can also find some information in my profile at linkedIn: Plambek - and profile on FaceBook:

I'm a single parent and live in my own house. So in the little spare time I have, I'm working on some books, some internet sites, and some software programs -,, www.send a,, - see full list of links here.

Unfortunately I have way to little time... - So if you are looking to make money, ready to invest venture capital, and want to know more about the ideas with the sites - send me an email at Simply Data.

Also I have started a little blogging - you'll find it on the menu to the right - When I get the time..., I'll code it so that you can comment.

These pictures were taken in Alanya, Turkey during the summer of 2009.

Photo of Alanya Turkey.

Sorry for the hairdo - picture was taken after a long day of driving. Mustasche is gone now.

Picture of Rene Michael Plambek.

More pictures.


My son is: Daniel Kaae Plambek
My daughter is:
Sara Kaae Plambek

The Plambek family

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Alanya, Turkey

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