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Sites for investing:

www. amateur-invest .com - Site for amateur invest software and much more about investing.
+ www.
amateurinvest .com

Sites for pet owners and their pets:

www. pets-heaven .com - Site for pets of all kinds, pictures and stories. A heaven for pets.

www. pet-toys-shop .com - Site for toys for pets.
+ www.
pettoysshop .com

Sites for designs, secrets and prizes:

www. a-secret .com - Site for passwords, and password manager.

www. grand-prizes .com - Site where you can win free prizes of all kinds.

Sites for mail, letters, postcards, stamps:

www. send-a-letter .com - Send a real letter from around the world.

www. send-a-postcard .com - Send a real postcard from around the world.

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